Real Relationships with Paula – Why Do We Have an Ego?

Our “Ego” is an identity of our own construction, an identity which is ‘not real’.  If we take all the perceptions of what we are i.e. our beliefs about our personality, talents, and abilities – then we have the structure of our ego.  It is reactive based on our past experiences or frame of references and plays an immense role in creating the emotional drama in our lives. The ego hides behind the “I” and “me” in the thoughts and statements we have about our identity (e.g. I’m not clever enough, pretty enough, capable etc). Every time we compare ourselves to external references (i.e people, situations or things) we are reinforcing or ego and the beliefs we have about ourselves. And where did these thoughts originate from? Well, our childhood. When we were kids, perhaps when we were teased on the playground or reprimanded or praised by a teacher or parent and this is where we started forming this perception of our ‘self’.  As adults, we need to stop and take a reality check against our “Ego”  which has served us a purpose up until now and that is to protect us and keep us safe by limiting ourselves. Listen to my latest podcast on understanding our “Ego”

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