M and N Sexuality – Exploring Self Love/Masturbation

Welcome everyone to this weeks show called “Exploring Self Love/Masturbation” by M and N Sexuality. This is a brief discussion about self-love, confidence, acceptance and being real. 
What do the statistics say about self-love/masturbation? Do you practice self-love? Do you communicate openly and freely about your pleasure to your partner?
We would like to get your feedback and make our show interactive. We will be sharing our thoughts and experiences with you openly and authentically. You are welcome to email us some topics or questions that you would like us to discuss on our show at 
mandn@mandnsexuality.comAlso go check out our website to learn more about us at 
www.mandnsexuality.comWhat have you done this week to experience pleasure and freedom?
Thanks a million 
M and N 

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