Half Hipster

As my progress continues as a man of leisure, working hard to find a job, I am slowly becoming that hipster guy that no one really likes. When my process started at my former employer, I shaved my head and face and I said that I would only cut my hair, both head and face, when the whole process is complete. It still isn’t, so it still isn’t cut. So now I have a half-beard and a silly looking head of hair. Remember that I am a balding white middle aged man. To be honest, there is nothing sexy about me right now.
Two things can happen…
1) The process ends soon and I can clean up.
2) The process carries on and I become an awesome Father Xmas in December.
The way things are going at the moment, I am thinking that option 2 will be the one that I will put my money on.

I had some time to kill this morning and I stumbled upon the Derick Watts joke about the Hipster Knot. There was, what News 24 call, a “Social Media Explosion” after the prank prank (yes, I wrote it twice on purpose.)
For those of you not in the know, and I know that there are many of you as the “explosion” was, at best, a little puff of air, in some Cape Town circles, these two very funny guys made a prank video where they cut off the Hipster Buns off of men’s heads because they simply look silly. The whole internet, again according to News24, exploded and got angry. The two very funny men then put out an apology video that was even funnier than the original.
Have a look at their YouTube channel to get all the smirks, humour and plain stupidity of South African internet users.

But I digress.


One of Derick’s funniest pieces is “Hipsters and Hashtags“. I have always thought of myself as a bit of a hipster but as I continue this life I am in, I am becoming one more and more. There is the beard, the craft beer making at home and today I spent some time, alone, in a coffee shop. I am one step away from blogging in the coffee shop. Maybe that can be tomorrow’s job. Search for work, claim to be a “creative” and write in a coffee shop about how tough it is being white and middle class.

While I am on the topic, have a look at this article in the Mail and Guardian. It’s “Six things white people have that black people don’t”
It is well worth a read. I feel that the author does repeat herself a few times. Of the six things, four are more or less the same thing. Samantha Perry posted the article on her FaceBook page this morning and the comments got quite heated. It did eventually become a story of who is worse off, white or black people. I, as all South Africans do, have an opinion on this. But I think that that is a good post for tomorrow.

Finally, something really strange happened to this blog yesterday. I am averaging about 50 views per post but I hit over 120 yesterday for no real reason. Thank you if that was you promoting it and if it wasn’t you, why don’t you share it using the buttons below?

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