SuperDads Xmas Special – ep 4 – Two Oceans Aquarium – Dad activities

This episode is the 2nd part of a 3 part series with the Cape Town Two Oceans Aquarium [ ] . Stay tuned because in episode we have a prize giveaway sponsored by the Two Oceans Aquarium. 

In the episode, we sit down with Msa. He has been with the Aquarium for years. He is currently the floor supervisor, and a new Dad himself to a one year old boy who loves the aquarium much like my kids. 

Msa tells us about the amazing use of complementary prams to help independant Dads out, plus a wrist-leash system. He also covers the amazing quick turn-around time of the staff in helping locate your child should them give you the slip.

There are also super puppet shows one-year-old, Msa disclaims that some children have a fear towards them to which the show is stopped. But in the event, there are amazing interactions with the sea life, along with the annual Scuba Santa sleepover where parents spend the night and Scuba Santa swims delivering presents to your children.

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