Super Dads – Bacteria used in effectively replacing cleaning chemicals – ProBac Prize Giveaway

PROBAC Biologicals [ FB ] ‘Beneficial Bacteria’ to actively biodegrade dirt in the process of cleaning, eliminating chemical and dirt transfer to the environment. PROBAC achieves on-going deep cleaning and odour control at a microscopic level, keeping surfaces clean for days after the actual cleaning process. PROBAC mimics the natural process of biodegradation, establishing healthy bio-stability in your home or business, while cleaning in a safe and sustainable manner.

When I first heard and was presented PROBAC by my producer, I was extremely skeptical. I came with the initial mindset of a eco-wannabe product on the shop, that costs more, doesn’t really clean and is just a fluff piece for eco ideals. But boy was I proven wrong. I really put PROBAC through its paces. I also did some interesting calculations.

  1. Washing detergent experience. You wash clothes at a maximum of 30 degrees, thereby huge electrical savings especially with the Eskom tariff increases.
  2. I used way less detergent than commercial chemical products.
  3. Used in a budget washing machine that doesn’t clean clothes too well, well with PROBAC, the clothes actually came out clean, and soft, thereby extra savings on no softener needed.
  4. Toilet grey water saving. I wish I knew about this during the Cape Town drought crisis. I would go through these stupid chemical agents for keeping the grey water in the toilet at bay. They never really worked, costs a great deal but 1-2 sprays of PROBAC and it is the equivalent of Poo-pourri. You may recall their amazing marketing videos but do cost a lot. PROBAC is the super cost effective alternative.
  5. Cleaning floors and pet odours, super stubborn stains really actually did disappear with ease and stayed clean and got cleaner.

Still not convinced, then listen to my interview where I talk about it’s use in hospital environments and how it really makes the building better.

Listen to the show and submit your answer to for three available ProBac hampers. Patreon members, get an additional two entries, plus access to loads of specials and special elaborations into the science [ ] .

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