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In this episode, I discuss how smoking weed as a primary treatment to any circadian disease is dumb. Why? It is not the pot that is essentially unhealthy its the lack of oxygen that matters delivered to mitochondria. Anytime you smoke anything NAD+ drops and pseudohypoxia is the result and your wellness is under assault. Smoking anything with another sac of cells inside of you, chronically drawing energy from your own body is just not natural or a wise thing to do. Smoking weed is not wise due to lung damage and lowered O2, but CBD oil has a role for some. It is more wise than smoking. The key is use of CBD needs specific epigenetic exposures. From the workshops I’m putting together in training doctors one will learn the points well. Most people using pot in a circadian mismatch. Not wise.

Literature has been useful in using marijuana to explain cancer, apoptosis to describe how the process works. Glucose in controlled amounts lead to controlled swelling inside of the cytosol and mitochondria to stimulate the M phase of the cell cycle to change the size and shape of the things in a cell. When this change in volume is controlled we get normal growth and metabolism. When it becomes uncontrolled because of two specific changes in mitochondria, we lose the volume control because of deuterium fractionation. That is how the biophysics of uncontrolled growth begins. Understanding the change is a quantum thermodynamic mechanism related to the spin of a proton. When it goes awry everything goes awry because the biochemistry in your medical books can no longer operate that way any longer.

I revisit the GroPro [ FB ] being one of the most effective solutions to growing your Cannabis before heading into the CBD extraction process. You will learn why sub-molecular medicine does not recommend the use of cannabis as a primary form of treatment.

This was recently highlighted in the New Journal of Medicine. A very large randomized controlled trial finds cannabidiol, a compound derived from the cannabis plant, significantly reduced the number of dangerous seizures in patients with a severe form of epilepsy. What does it do to the outer mitochondrial membrane to gain this effect? Could this affect help others with mitochondrial matrix disease? In this workshop of sub-molecular medicine will explain so.


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