Krunch Weekly with TK – Black Lives Matter

With the world plunged in disarray with the Pandemic that is COVID-19, a virus that no one could foresee cutting the rest of the year of 2020 short and some might go as far as saying 2020 is cancelled and we need to press restart and turn a new page Hopefully in 2021. While this is true and many have lost their livelihoods and what they worked so hard to attain. 2020 has also brought back to life the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement, created to bring awareness to the marginalization of the Black Communities

It’s mind-blowing that we are in 2020 and we still have to deal with people who have the ideology that they can discriminate and brutally murder another person just for the colour of their skin. It has never become more clearer now that racism still walks, lives and breath in our communities wherever that might be, and what is upsetting society and rightfully so is that the government seems to be perpetuating the segregation hundreds of years later after slavery has been abolished, the world still has to deal
with fighting social injustice and racism.

George Floyds has sparked Hundred if not millions of people to unite, stand together and fight the social justice that has been happening in America and across the world to the black communities and black people at large. While there is a long list of people whose lives have been cut short before George Floyd, His was the life that echoed the cries, anger and frustration of the people with police brutality and bringing the topic of racism into the whole world’s attention. People all over the world have taken
to the streets to protest and show their support and non-agreement with the brutality and killing of black people.

While others might argue that all lives matter and we should not be focusing on a specific community of people while the whole world and countries are faced with violence on a daily, however, that’s not what black lives matter is all about, it’s about bringing awareness that while we are in a crisis of violence, most of that violence and brutality is directed as one specific race if you look at the statistics in America most of the prison centres are filled with people of colour because of social injustice, lack of funding for housing and community development is not as merely as enough like the neighbouring white-dominated communities and all that tells us is there is a conscious decision of taking away basic needs and funding for development for these predominantly white neighbourhoods.

We have seen videos of blatant discrimination purely because of the person’s skin colour and most of that discrimination is directed at African American people, testimonials of African American parents having to sit their children down and have hard conversations of how to act while dealing with law enforcement is heartbreaking, to say the least, most of the world or you would assume you go about your day
normally and should you encounter law enforcement its no different but this is not the case for most African American families, Black Lives Matter is there as a medium and movement to bring change to that mentality and have African American people recognized as Human Beings and stop the barbaric acts that they have had to endure for what seems to be hundreds of years.

To quote a white friend while having countless conversations about what is going on in the world with black people he said ” Black lives matter is not saying all lives don’t matter. But raising awareness for the brutal killings of black people. The other lives don’t get killed by police the same way black lives are”

There is obvious discrimination that black people endure on a daily basis that has been so normalized and subtle that you cannot even notice if you are not black. The security guards who follow black people at Department stores with the notion that they might steal something. That is just one of the many examples that one can use when trying to bring awareness of this heinous behaviour. I stand with the Black Lives Matter movement not just because I am a black man but because its the right thing to do, I would not stand idly by while another person whatever race creed or denomination they are being brutally murdered and discriminated against if you are that way inclined then you need to seriously start to re-evaluate your thinking and change your ways because The world has shown there is no room for Racism and Discrimination whether you are Black or White.

I will leave you with this thought, Should we as the world not ask ourselves one question, “Do all our lives not matter to one another regardless of race?”

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