Krunch Weekly with TK – Toxic Masculinity

Welcome to the 21st century, a world where the impossible is possible, holograms are a reality, technology is right at the top of our fingertips and we have truly begun to tap into the potential that people have to offer. What’s interesting is that even though we have come so far we still have to subject ourselves to 19th-century mentality. Could it be that we are growing faster than what our own brains can comprehend?

For hundreds of years, the roles of man and woman have always been clearly defined with lines drawn in the sand so distinctly and so prominently that they could be seen with the naked eye. Women belonged in the kitchen cooking, cleaning and raising children, the man was to go out and work “bring home the bacon” so to speak. Time went by and we had women fighting for their space and presence in the workforce and not only there but to be recognized and seen that they too have more value than just rearing children and cleaning homes, with that fight still ongoing and women fighting for equal pay and representation in the Top Management round table, I can not help but notice that as men we have regressed into this older 19th century way of what the world says a man should be much like it used to be in the early 19 hundreds. It is as if we need to be more “mucho” to certify our presence and that could not be further from the truth. As we tackle issues of gender biases and other social injustices, there has been this looming toxicness that is plaguing and has infiltrated the man of our time and that’s toxic masculinity.

More and more man feel the need to fall into boxes of treating and looking at women like they are nothing or something to be used and replaced if need be and that is not what masculinity should embody or even look like, this has turned out to be a very toxic battle or what masculinity is and the need to address this has never been greater. This way of thinking or ideology has trickled down somehow generation to generation. E.g The objectifying of women, the brush and blatant disrespect and disregard of women in positions of power, the entitlement man have towards women’s bodies just because they are married or even in a relationship then that means they owe them sex. That is the very simple but yet meaningful examples that spring to mind when thinking of Toxic Masculinity. In this modern-day and age man should not be subscribing to this notion or prehistoric mentality that our forefathers had lived with. We need to learn to be more comfortable in our own skin and our own masculinity whatever way you choose to define it outside of the toxic roles that were created before. 

The roles of what or where a mans place is have changed drastically, we now have men who are stay-at-home fathers and they are the household cleaners and they take their kids to school while the wife works and provide for the family, studies have shown that learning and sharing your emotions is more than just beneficial to your health in a holistic manner but also good for your mental health as well and if you need that extra push to show you that the roles truly have been reversed and you can stay a man while not subscribing to the ideas of prehistoric masculinity, I give you Oprah Winfrey and Steadman. While Ms Oprah can be somewhat of a Powerful matriarch to an ever-growing empire that automatically makes Steadman the First Man of that empire, who’s to say you can’t see women equally?

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