Meet the Niche Radio Presenters

Super Dads

Step aside mom bloggers, there is a new Super Dads blog in town. James is a National Government researcher involved in cutting-edge work in medicine, law and longevity. Recipient of numerous national awards he firmly demonstrates how academics must have practical application.

A father of 3 children he hosts the show SuperDads, dedicated to empowering Men, and encouraging “boys” to learn how to become Men. The outcome, to reintegrate fathers as protectors and participants in the beginning and developments of their families. There is no “lip service” in this show, you learn to lead by example by changing yourself first (man or woman). It’s called male authenticity and is definitely under attack for the lady decades of the ascendancy of redefining masculinity to weaken this.

James uncovers and explains the science, discusses some products, services and available adventures out there for Dads and families to experience in South Africa.

Hangout With Heather

Heather Hook

Heather has been involved in the events and speaking industry since 2008 and has worked on a variety of projects in her time, including some of the leading events in Southern Africa – Oil & Gas Africa, the 6th SA AIDS Conference, The Success Summit and National Achievers Congress.

Heather’s journey through her personal growth is quite engaging. From a house-wife to a struggling divorcee working multiple jobs to make ends meet, to a chance interview that ignited her path upwards through the ranks in Events Management, to discovering an event concept that sparked her interest in running her own business – Heather’s experiences are so raw and real, that she instantly touches a cord with her audiences.

Heather is now firmly entrenched in the social media, personal branding and blogging spheres, and is considered one of the top social media influencers in South Africa.

Her weekly podcasts will cover everything from fashion to food, events and general life in between.

Come Join Us Podcast

In just seven years, Come Wine With Us™ South Africa has evolved from six people sitting around a kitchen table into a custom offering that can’t be found anywhere else.

Come Wine With Us™ South Africa expanded not only in the size of its community but also to exploring different beverages and brands. Made with the lovers of all things food, drink and travel in mind, Come Wine With Us™ has evolved into Come Join Us® South Africa, which promises to offer bespoke experiences to anyone who never wants to do the same thing twice.

Founder and host, Sybil Doms, not only studied at Banhoek Valley’s Institute of Culinary Arts (ICA), but she also spent time learning from some of the industry’s best-known chefs. Following this, she was awarded a prestigious Sommelier Scholarship at Waddesdon Manor in the UK, which she completed before returning to South Africa. Before returning to her roots of food, travel and wine, Sybil enjoyed the experience as a freelance fashion, décor and food stylist.

Real Relationships with Paula

Paula Quinsee

Paula is a Relationship Expert, speaker and author of Embracing Conflict – a self-help guide filled with practical tools and insights empowering individuals to overcome challenges and enable personal growth. She has BBA Marketing degree with over 14years corporate experience in the marketing and advertising sector. She left the corporate world to pursue her passion for motivating and inspiring people to live life on their terms. She has over 7years coaching, consulting, speaking and workshop facilitation experience and works with both individuals and organisations on how to create healthy relationships in both their personal and professional arenas using emotional intelligence insights, imago therapy principles and NLP tools.

Real Health +

Real Health Plus is a holistic health podcast show hosted by TV Presenter and Wellness Enthusiast, Stacey Holland. It explores practical solutions and to help listeners develop a physically, emotionally and mentally healthier body, mind and soul.
The show features interviews with a wide variety of people including conventional and complementary practitioners, specialists and everyday people who have overcome health challenges.  Each episode aims to inspire, transform and enlighten.